Holiday Sickness

Falling ill on your holiday is the last thing you want, but it happens. Holiday sickness is usually caused by carelessness of the hotel or resort you are staying at, and can make your holiday a disaster.

In addition to the pain of the illness itself, you miss out on enjoying your holiday, which in most cases is the only one you get after a long and tiring year. The holiday illness also comes with a huge medical bill, which in most cases you have to pay from your own pocket. So you suffer not only al loss of enjoyment but also of money.

If you have been ill on holiday in the past 3 years, you could claim compensation for your ruined holiday.

The Rules

If you have booked a package holiday, then you are covered under ‘The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992’. Under these legal guidelines, we can pursue a holiday sickness claim against your tour operator in relation to their negligence in providing a safe environment for you holiday.

Tour operators have a legal obligation to provide you with exactly what was agreed, so if you paid for a package holiday with a good clean atmosphere, that is what you should get.

Time Limit

Holiday Sickness claims are better resolved as soon as possible, however most cases can be resolved 3 years after the package holiday if it was on land, and 2 years if it was on a cruise ship. There are also different rules for children under 18, they can either claim up to 3 years after their 18th birthday, or their parent or guardian can claim for them until their 18th birthday.

As the time limits are so complex, speak to one of our Holiday Claims Experts team on 0161 000 000 or fill out the quick claims form, to find out if your claim is eligible.

To find out if you are covered by the law, please contact our Holiday Claims Experts team on 0161 000 000 or fill out the quick claims form.


Your Claim

We have settled many holiday sickness claims, the most common cases have been caused by lack of hygiene in the accommodation and food areas, these include:

  • Food not being stored correctly, i.e. not stored in a cold room
  • Food not being handled correctly, i.e. staff not wearing gloves, or not washing hands whilst handling food
  • Food packaging not sufficient, i.e. ripped rappers or broken tins allowing bacteria to enter
  • Dirty utensils, kitchen surface

Our Holiday Claims Experts are able to help you with your sickness claim for compensation if your illness was caused by food served in any location that is listed in your package holiday, at the hotel restaurant or on an activity outside the hotel.

Holiday Sickness Types

Our Holiday Claims Experts can help you if you have been diagnosed with any kind of infection or food poisoning whilst on holiday, including the following:

  • Salmonella
  • E. coli
  • Shigella
  • Campylobacter
  • Cryptosporidium

Holiday Sickness Hotspots

Destinations that have become known as ‘hotspots’ for holiday illness claims in recent years include:

  • Egypt
  • Turkey
  • Dominican Republic
  • Tunisia
  • Mexico

To find out if you are covered by the law, please contact our Holiday Claims Experts team on 0161 000 000 or fill out the quick claims form.


What you need to do

If you have been ill on holiday it is very important to seek medical advice right away. In such a circumstance our Holiday Claims Experts advise you follow these steps:

Report the incident to the Hotel And Tour Operator

It is important that they are aware of your illness.


Take photos of anything that you may think has contributed to your illness such as the food or hygiene of the kitchen. Also keep a record of how your illness progresses.

Seek Medical Assistant

Whilst on holiday seek medical assistant to ensure your illness is under control, ensure that you take the right medication etc. Don’t forget to document everything including medication.

Go to your GP 

Even if you are feeling better, go to your GP and let him know of your illness, there may be some illness that can be transferred to your loved ones.


What Our Holiday Claims Experts will do

Our Holiday Claims Experts understand that going on holiday isn’t an easy affair and the occasion comes once in a while, after many long hours of hard work and savings, so when you fall ill on holiday, it is the most distressing feeling. Our Holiday Claims Experts are here to help in any way possible in pursuing your holiday sickness claim. All we require from you is the correct information regarding your holiday sickness, and we will do the rest. The following are the steps we will take to get in getting your compensation from the tour operators.

Holiday Sickness Claims Process


We will gather all the relevant information from you.


Our Holiday Claims Experts will evaluate your claim.


We will negotiate your compensation with the tour operators.


You will be awarded your compensation.