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Mild sickness or illness

£200-1500 & Holiday Cost

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£1500-5000 & Holiday Cost

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£5000+ & Holiday Cost

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Holiday Sickness Frequently Asked Questions

A: If you were on a Package or All Inclusive Holiday and experienced an illness or injury that interrupted your holiday for more than two days, you may have a claim.
A: Two or several parts of your holiday are combined for one total price – flight + hotel, hotel + meals, cruise + excursion – all set up with a travel company or tour operator before travelling.
A: Everything you might need is arranged for by organisers. We recommend you are clear about what exactly is covered in the price. Food and drinks are usually part of the deal but alcohol may not be.
A: Food poisoning from improperly prepared food and unclean water are the most reported reasons for illnesses. Other reasons are contaminated pool water, poor hygiene of staff, unclean bedding or rooms and communicable diseases.
A: The amount awarded depends on many factors. We recommend that you contact our professionals for more information. The average amount awarded is £2,450. You may receive more if you attended a special event such as a honeymoon, birthday or wedding.
A: Yes, you can make a claim up to three years after your holiday, two years on a cruise. However, we recommend that you begin the process at least six months before deadlines.
A: Yes, report the incident to the hotel or tour operator immediately. Take photos if possible and document everything. Seek medical assistance and when you return home, visit your GP.
It depends on the individual circumstances as to how long it takes. Investigation has to be done by the other side, usually six months. In a very straightforward case, the claim is completed in 12 months. We recommend you begin the claims process as soon as possible.

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