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7 Common Mishaps to Avoid During a Holiday

In the excitement of planning a holiday, some travellers spend so much time thinking about sandy shores and national landmarks that they forget to prepare for potential mishaps. Some of these mishaps can cost money, time and put a damper on the holiday. Not Watching What You Eat During a holiday, you will have to spend [...]

Couple’s “Dream Holiday” Ruined by Nasty Vomiting Bug

A local couple had their dream vacation turned into a holiday from hell after falling ill with gastroenteritis - to the point they had to be placed on a drip. Carol and Brian Gregory, from Tottington were looking forward to their trip after having to cancel their previous one when Carol was suffering from breast cancer. [...]

Food Poisoning on Holiday? Everything You Need to Know for 2017

Holidaymakers who get food poisoning on holiday are getting huge cash payouts - here's why... The number of British holidaymakers who have had their trips ruined by food poisoning has rocketed in the last five years – but so has the number of those able to claim thousands in compensation. The “holiday from hell” stories [...]

The Worst Countries for Holiday Sickness are Not Where You Might Think

Some of the worst countries on the planet for holidaymakers getting sick on their winter holidays have been revealed. According to the national press – more than a quarter of all winter holiday illness cases originate in Egypt – with Mexico following closely behind as the second worst destination. The report, by a leading UK law [...]

Dream Anniversary Holiday, Ruined by Food Poisoning

A couple has had their luxury £2,500 anniversary holiday ruined by food poisoning when they were served raw chicken at the hotel restaurant. The couple spent two weeks in an all-inclusive package holiday at a four-star hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The couple is celebrating their first wedding anniversary. They were expecting "a really nice, luxurious romantic break" [...]

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