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Tips to Avoid Getting Sick on Holiday

Most people spend a significant amount of time planning an upcoming trip when they want to escape to a new destination. Getting sick while on holiday make it difficult to enjoy your time away and can also cause you to need medical attention before filing holiday claims. If you want to avoid getting sick on holidays, [...]

How to Have a Healthy and Enjoyable Vacation Even If Things Go Wrong

When going on vacation, many people don't anticipate things going wrong. You could end up catching an illness, getting food poisoning or having a bad hotel experience. However, there are things that you can do in order to avoid letting those situations ruin your vacation. Here are a few tips on what to do if things [...]

British Refund Scams Lead to Ban from Spanish Hotels

Spain has some of the most desired holiday resorts and is the favourite summer destination for tourists from all around the world, hosting 75 million of them in 2016. Many of the visitors are British citizens, who travel annually to spend their vacation there, however, they might soon encounter problems with booking at all-inclusive hotels. Because [...]

How to Claim if You’re Unhappy with Your Package Holiday

Holiday Sickness and Food Poisoning Can Lead to a Large Cash Payout It's very unfair when a holiday gets ruined by holiday sickness - especially when it's the fault of the package holiday providers. On a package holiday, it is legally your tour operator or holiday provider’s responsibility to make sure you get what you paid [...]

Couple’s “Dream Holiday” Ruined by Nasty Vomiting Bug

A local couple had their dream vacation turned into a holiday from hell after falling ill with gastroenteritis - to the point they had to be placed on a drip. Carol and Brian Gregory, from Tottington were looking forward to their trip after having to cancel their previous one when Carol was suffering from breast cancer. [...]

Food Poisoning on Holiday? Everything You Need to Know for 2017

Holidaymakers who get food poisoning on holiday are getting huge cash payouts - here's why... The number of British holidaymakers who have had their trips ruined by food poisoning has rocketed in the last five years – but so has the number of those able to claim thousands in compensation. The “holiday from hell” stories [...]

The Worst Countries for Holiday Sickness are Not Where You Might Think

Some of the worst countries on the planet for holidaymakers getting sick on their winter holidays have been revealed. According to the national press – more than a quarter of all winter holiday illness cases originate in Egypt – with Mexico following closely behind as the second worst destination. The report, by a leading UK law [...]

Dream Anniversary Holiday, Ruined by Food Poisoning

A couple has had their luxury £2,500 anniversary holiday ruined by food poisoning when they were served raw chicken at the hotel restaurant. The couple spent two weeks in an all-inclusive package holiday at a four-star hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The couple is celebrating their first wedding anniversary. They were expecting "a really nice, luxurious romantic break" [...]

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