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Dealing with Food Poisoning While on Holiday

If you’re going on holiday this year, the last thing you want is to have your trip ruined by food poisoning. Food poisoning is a sometimes serious illness resulting from the consumption of water or [...]

Summer Holiday Guide 2017: Where to Go and Where to Avoid for This Year’s Summer Vacation

From different types of food poisoning to difficult flight routes, it’s always good to be well-informed on where to go and where to avoid before you book your summer trip. The holiday season is fast [...]

Tips to Avoid Getting Sick on Holiday

Most people spend a significant amount of time planning an upcoming trip when they want to escape to a new destination. Getting sick while on holiday make it difficult to enjoy your time away and [...]

How to Have a Healthy and Enjoyable Vacation Even If Things Go Wrong

When going on vacation, many people don't anticipate things going wrong. You could end up catching an illness, getting food poisoning or having a bad hotel experience. However, there are things that you can do [...]

7 Common Mishaps to Avoid During a Holiday

In the excitement of planning a holiday, some travellers spend so much time thinking about sandy shores and national landmarks that they forget to prepare for potential mishaps. Some of these mishaps can cost money, [...]

10 of the Safest Destinations to Go on Holiday in 2017

The glistening series of terror attacks, the latest one of which happened in Manchester at the Ariana Grande Concert on Monday, has left everybody in the world concerned about their own security and safety. To [...]

Five of the Best Summer Holiday Destinations for 2017 – A Travel Guide

The team at Holiday Claims Expert have constructed a useful summer travel guide for 2017, with some of the best and most affordable destinations to visit in the coming months. Looking for the best getaway [...]

Awful Holiday for Brits in Dominican Republic

One of the most praised holiday resorts from the world, the Dominican Republic is annually visited by 5 million people. The king of Caribbean tourism has spectacular beaches, caves and natural parks, great sunny weather [...]

What Brexit Changes in Terms of Travelling to Europe: Passports, Visas, Flights

Brexit is the word that has all Europe in a state of turmoil. The referendum that took place on 23 June 2016 decided that the UK should no longer be a member of the European [...]

British Refund Scams Lead to Ban from Spanish Hotels

Spain has some of the most desired holiday resorts and is the favourite summer destination for tourists from all around the world, hosting 75 million of them in 2016. Many of the visitors are British [...]

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